Saturday, February 20, 2016

Busy couple of days

Nancy and Sherry went to the Laundromat to do the laundry so Sherry would have all her clothes clean for when she would arrive home on Friday.
I stayed home seeing what I could get into which was not a very much.
I did call Nancy to tell her to call me a 1/2 hour before they leave the Laundromat which she did.
When they got back home I had supper waiting for them. We had grilled chicken strips, vegetables with melted cheese over the top of them and green beans. Nancy and Sherry said the supper was very good.
Yesterday Sherry and I where up very early because she has a early flight out of the St. Pete Airport.
Nancy elected to not go since it was so early.
After getting to the airport and saying our goodbyes I was on the way back home.
Driving across the Bayside Bridge just as the sun was coming up was a nice site and a good way to start the day. Nancy and I very rarely get up early enough to see a sunrise.  Upon getting home Nancy was having a cup of coffee when she finished her coffee she made us breakfast.
Later in the day I took the throw rugs outside and shook them out real good then I vacuumed throughout the motorhome.
Nancy mopped the linoleum area when it dried I put the throw rugs back down.
Later on after eating supper we took a well deserved nap. When we awoke from our nap we did our evening computing things then watched our different tv programs her on the tv in the bedroom and I on the tv in the front of the motorhome.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.   

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