Thursday, January 07, 2016

Out and about

One thing that you can see just about each time we get out is a fender bender. This time it was more that a fender bender this car came across a wide medium and hit the other car head on.
Yesterday it was Nancy going to her back doctor and the only thing was they wanted to know how she was doing and how her meds were doing.  they did give her a prescription for a stronger pain medication.
After leaving the doctor we went to the Cracker Barrel Restaurant to eat. Of course we had to try out the rocking chair. This is the only rocking we do.
Today it will be me going to the cardiologist to get a follow up.
You can tell by the flag waving how windy its been the last few days.  I love what that flag means and each time I see it waving my heart just beats a little faster.
A bunch of birds always in the parking lots this one was on the hood of the car before taking flight.
It was a good day today even though I felt a little weak.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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