Thursday, January 21, 2016

New phone and plan

Yesterday was a big day.
I changed my phone, I was with Straight Talk and was very satisfied with them the 4-5 years we had them.  But the reason I went with Cricket was I could save some money and have more things on the new phone. With Straight Talk I had the phone plan at $45.00 plus tax and also I had the hotspot for traveling on the road at $40.00-4GB for up to 60 days. But we where using that up plus more every month. The Cricket no contract  plan  will cost $65.00 a month including using the phone as a hotspot with 10GB a month. So the saving will be $35.00 and maybe a little more a month.  Of course the phone companies are changing plans fast so keep looking at them and pick one that suits you.

This morning I had to run to Save A Lot to get some things for Nancy to put in the pot roast she is fixing today.

Here is what I saw in the parking lot at the Save A Lot parking area.  No matter what size or shape your RV is you can enjoy it as much as the next guy or maybe even more. I know when Nancy and I had our 19' class c we really had a good time in the trips we took in it.
Today after a few things I have to do I will no doubt be playing with the new smart phone to see all the features it has.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.    

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