Monday, October 05, 2015

East coast flood

Well it looks like the rain is moving out and all though we had a lot of rain we are safe in the Wishing Well RV Park here in Sunset Beach North Carolina. We are about 12 miles north of Myrtle Beach.
The water was 3 inches deep around the motorhome we took care of that by staying inside all weekend.
I did get out this morning to look around the Sunset Beach and Calabash area.  The water is still high in sections of the town and going down very slowly.
Birds on the high spot of this golf course. There will be no golfing here for the next few days.
This street is impassable.
High water along the road between Sunset Beach and Calabash. Most of the ditch lines along the roads are full of water.
Another car that will be under the carport for a while.

I went out to beach side to see the damage. It didn't look too bad. As I was in the parking lot two surfers were there going to  the ocean they just never give up to do some surfing.
Some of the restaurants and stores are closed but I think they will reopen by the weekend.

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