Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Somerset, Kentucky

We got away from Lexington at 12:45 am after letting the jacks up and emptying the black and grey tanks and filling the fresh water tank.
I took I-75 down then at Renfro Valley went west to Somerset.
After passing barns and farm land.

We had enough time to stop at a vegetable and fruit stand to by a few things.
We were lucky enough to find an open site for the week at the Fishing Creek Campground which is a Corp of Engineer Campground so I got it for half price with the old people pass card. We will be here for a week.
Our view out the front door of Cumberland Lake.
It was late by the time we set up that I suggested we go into town to buy our dinner. We went to the Triangle Restaurant in Nancy a small community.  We shared onion chips for the appetizer. Nancy had the crispy chicken and I has the Triangle cheeseburger Mine was good and Nancy said her chicken sandwich was about the best had eaten.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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Sherry Wood said...

Looks great. Wish I was with you!!!