Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rain has stopped

The pants that Nancy bought the other day didn't fit just right for her so we had to go back and get a refund. She said she doesn't like the hip hugger jeans.
As you can see we have a site that is really in the woods and this is the reason we like the National Parks and the National Forest campgrounds. Also I got my awning pulled out and strapped down.
None to soon for the rain that came shortly after getting the awning out.
A couple of trees marked by the red ribbons to be cut down behind our motorhome. They are very busy thinning out the dead trees. There will be plenty of fire wood for those that want a campfire.
The site next to us on the door side of us.
We have had a couple of days with sunshine and no rain. It has been so nice that I got in the mood to do a few things. Like cleaning the ceiling and walls in the motorhome it was dusty but not real bad as we did this before getting on the road but it will get dusty when the weather is nice and the windows and door come open to let the fresh air in.
We still have another week here before making a move again.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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