Sunday, May 24, 2015

Thanks all veterans

Yes that's what this weekend is all about.  Don't forget to thank them for their service.

We did make it safe to Valdosta and got a site in Hahira at the Cain's Creekside Campground.  We usually stop here on the way north and again when heading back down south.
It was good seeing Jeremy, Allison and the two great grand children(Andy and Hannah)again. They sure are growing up fast.  We met up with them Friday for dinner at the very popular Smok'N Pig Restaurant. We got there early just before the large crowd started  coming in.
After we had our meal and talking, catching up on what has been happening we went over to their house for a couple of hours before coming back home. Sherry did stay there with them for the night and will stay each night that we are here.
Nancy  and I had to go to the Laundromat yesterday before going back to Jeremy's where he grilled some fabulous tasting chicken breasts that with green beans, cheese and mac made a good meal.
Nancy and I came back home in time to take our meds then watched tv and read before bedtime.
A very nice day.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.   

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