Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday again

Here it is Saturday again. It seems as though the days, weeks and years are coming a lot closer than they use to. Time is just flying by these days. Since its Saturday its college basketball day today and the games are getting better because the teams are getting into their conference games.
The strip mall across the road was really going downhill with a bunch of the store sites being empty until the Hobby Lobby came along and it got a little better. Then Walmart decided it would be a good place to put in one of the Walmart Village Markets. That's when thing really started jumping. The empty store sites are filling up and the parking area has a complete renovation with the lot being paved, nice palm trees planted it looks like a different place.
Nancy is going to get a pain block shot on the 30th of the month and another one two weeks later. The doctor told her it should last her for a year and needless to say she is excited about that. The shots she had where just to see which one would work and the one that did work for a couple of days she said that was the best she had felt in years. So it looks like a good year ahead for her.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.    

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