Sunday, October 05, 2014

Warner Robins,Georgia

We left the Lake Sinclair campground Friday and drove the short 72 miles to Warner Robins where my brother lives. We will be here until Friday at which time we will go down to Valdosta for a short visit with our grandson Jeremy and the two great grand children.
It is good to be here to visit with Nick and Joan. We haven't seen them for a year. We usually stop to see them on the way up north but they where gone on vacation.
The time here would be better but my shoulder is acting up again and every time I get up to do much of anything it hurts like you would not believe.  I'm putting off going to the doctor until I get back down to Florida because it will take more tests and x rays to find the problem causing the pain.
Getting older is tough.
It is the same when we visit here in that we over eat. For some reason Nick and Joan must think that we never eat because they are always asking us if we want anything to eat or snack on. We sure enjoy their kindness.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.     

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