Sunday, August 31, 2014

Family reunion time

 Friday we did make the 90 mile drive from Cumberland Gap to Pigeon Forge.  After checking in at Clabough's office I pulled our site for the weekend. There were a few of our gang already here so after setting up we made the rounds of visiting.
Here Jackie and Don discussing how many and what kind of pizza to buy.  After many  years of having Hot dogs and burgers on Saturday evening it was decided to forgo that for pizza. The men that were doing the grilling were getting hotter each year and the hair on the head getting thinner it was a good choice.
So ten pizza's it was, cheese, pepperoni, deep dish it was all good.
Here facing three of the sisters left to right Nancy, Callie and Jackie. In the background are Cherisa, Haven and Joe.
Vicki and Callie walking in with big smiles on their faces.
David has the floor on the conversation here.
Even the little ones were busy visiting.  Kathyrn and Haven in deep thought.  Yes we have two Havens in the family. They were named after Haven "Buck" Mitchell with his wife Laura the start of this Mitchell Family.
Here are some looking around to see what was going on.
The first day was good with a lot of individual and small get together  visiting going on.
Today will be much of the same after Don has the usual Sunday sermon and then the Chicken Dinner with all the extras that each one has made and that's a big "YUMMY".
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 


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