Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Busy days ahead

It is still a couple of weeks before we will be on the road for the summer, but we are slowly getting ready.  Monday Nancy got her hair cut, so it will be a while before she has to look for a place to do it again.
Yesterday we got up early to go have our blood drawn for our doctors to see if anything has changed. We stopped at Susie's for breakfast. Another of quite a few small restaurants that are little gems in the rough. The place is not on the main road and it took us a few years to come upon it. The restaurant is family owned and is full of regular customers and no wonder with the good food and fast service.
Example one of the specials, two eggs, two pancakes, two bacon or sausage for $3.95.
After getting back home I was off again to get four new tires for the car getting back to the house at 2:00 and taking off at 2:30 for an 3:00 appointment for an oil change on the car. Getting back to the house at 4:30 it was time to eat supper and call it a day.
Today will be more getting a few things done.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.        

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