Sunday, July 08, 2012

Shopping Day

Yesterday was a shopping day for Nancy and Jackie.  The first stop was Walmart where they bought the non perishable groceries. 
Then it was to Ci Ci's for a bite to eat. Jackie paid for our meal,thank you Jackie.
After eating and a bit of conversation off to the next stop was Krogers.  A few more groceries like meats and the things that need to be in the  refrigerator.
On the way back we had to take a short detour around this accident. There is a traffic light here at the intersection,but looks like it didn't help this time.  More than a couple of times I have come to a traffic light where I had the green light and someone pulls out in front of me.  For some reason they do not want the motorhome getting in front of them.  If you haven't driven a large motorhome or truck you just don't know that they're not that easy to stop.
One of the hummings birds that is at the feeder that Jackie has for them.
We had another nice day.
Thank you for visiting my blog and do come back again.

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