Saturday, July 07, 2012

Good Travel

We started out yesterday at 1:00 and as usual we took our time.  We had to stop at Walmart for a few things.  Then I stopped at FlyingJ to fuel up. I had enough fuel to get down to Pigeon Forge,but though I would fill up just in case the gas prices decided to start going up.  Don checked on the FlyingJ price before we left and saw it was $3.17 a gallon.  I used the Advantage Card I have with FlyingJ and got .002 off so that made it $3.15 was better.
More help on the way.  We saw this line of about 25 trucks coming to help to restore electric power for those still without.  Hope they get it restored quickly. With the temps in the 100's not a time to be without the airconditioner.
After traveling through the mountains(I mean really through the mountains) we got to Jackies house safe and sound.  Jackie had the chick'n dumplins waiting for me. Her and Peach has me spoiled making me the chick'n dumplins,man good eating.

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MARVIN said...


Joe , I have been using Murphy/WalMart for fuel . Price has been .07 cents a gallon cheaper when I use a WalMart Gift Card from any register . That gives me food , fuel , and groceries all in one stop .