Saturday, June 16, 2012

West Virginia

Yesterday after breakfast and getting ready,it was time to unhook the electric,let the slides in and raise the jacks.  I hooked the car up the night before so it was time to head for West Virginia.
Up and down the mountains we went. There was a lot of traffic on I-77.
The way of  travel for some people,with their small trailer behind.
Maybe there is a tent in all of that. For sure its a gas saver.
This is one of two tunnels thru the mountains that we went thru.
With all of the lighting in the tunnel thy still want you to turn on your head lights.
In the tunnel on the Virginia side and out into West Virginia on the other side.
After a stop at the Walmart for groceries and a quick bite to eat we were on our way again.
After two toll booths and $5.25 less in my pocket we were 10 miles from our destination. That would be to where we will be parked for the week or so and that is the Calvary Baptist Church in Oak Hill,West Virginia.

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Welcome home :)