Sunday, June 10, 2012

Trouble Shooting

I was kind of concerned about going to Stony Fork Campground on a friday. I thought the sites would be filled with weekenders. Upon arriving and driving thru the campground there were plenty of campsites open. We even got the site we had last year. This is one of the few is were I can get a satellite signal thru the trees. After leveling up and connect the electric powern I came in and pushed the button to let the front slide out. Nothing happened.  Oh no, now what?  So half of yesterday looking to find the trouble without having any luck.  I check and had power to the switch?  I changed the front switch with the back one. So the switch is good. Seems as though there might be a loose wire somewhere.  That is always a hard thing to find at times.
Anyway,after I became tired and it was evening time I grilled up some pork chops for us. Nancy fried potatoes,that with ear of corn,sliced tomatoes,cucumber and onions made for a good meal. After eating we took a walk around the park.
I hope your day went well and thanks for dropping in.

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