Friday, June 08, 2012

Old Salem

Yesterday after a good nights sleep at the Walmart on 4550 Kester Mill Road in Winston Salem,we drove over to the Old Salem Museum to take the walking tour of old Salem.
Going thru the museum and out the door on the other side you go thru the covered bridge. This is actually a crossover the street built in 1998.
There are a couple of streets that are maybe 4 or 5 blocks long.
I was expecting to see a lot of log cabin type houses. There are a few of them.
More of the board and brick houses.
The houses that are listed are the ones they want you to go in and looked around in hopes that you will do some shopping.

The old barn is free for the looking.
Nice large hay loft.
This barn was built without the use of nails. Notice the use of pegs to hold it together.
This is the old African Church.
This was a day of walking 4 miles.  The streets were lined with trees and the weather was very nice for the day.
After leaving Winston Salem we drove to Mt Airy.  We stayed at the Mayberry Campground, We have to do the hookup thing from time to time in order to dump the tanks and fill the fresh water tank.  This is a Passport America Campground so we get it for half price. 
Today we will cross over into Virginia.
Thank you for visiting.

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Russ Krecklow said...

Very interesting place! Thanks for sharing the neat pictures. Enjoy your blog, since you travel to places we probably will never see.