Thursday, June 28, 2012

A little this and that

Mostly doing the visiting thing.  A little mall walking. Don and I did shovel a little gravel in the driveway tuesday.  Yesterday we went to Burdette rv parts to get a showhead for our shower. I got one from Lowes a week ago and it works good if I would have water hook-up all the time,but uses a little to much water. Peach had one of my favorite meals in the evening. It was her good chicken'n dumplins.  Man I really like that stuff. She also baked a strawberry cake,yum. Then late in the evening Don and I went over to his son's house to help change a front wheel assembly. We gave him moral support more than actually helping.
It has been a couple of nice days and we will have more of them while we are here. 
Thanks for dropping in.

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