Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Driving Around

We drove around a little yesterday to see what we could discover.
Setting on what is now a back road in Wytheville,Virginia is this old gas station. This road was known as the "lakes to Florida road". Remember those gas stations where you pulled in and a guy comes out to asked,how many gallons you want.  You could stop any time of the day or night and there was a mechanic to work on your car. Some times you just don't like some changes.
We saw a few old log farm houses that people still live in them.
This is what I like to see. Large fields with rolled up hay that will put away for the stock for winter time.
Even have them on the hillside. I love to tral and see all the different terrain. The level country and the hilly country all is beautiful.  America is a beautiful country to live in.
Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy it.  Thanks for stopping in.


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