Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chores Again

Yesterday was more of catching up on chores before we went up to Sherry's house. The reaon I say up to Sherry's and then down to the motorhome is that they live on the hill behind the church.
The motorhome is on a good flat paved parking place so yesterday I was able to slide under it and do some greasing to the grease plugs. I didn't do this when I changed the oil because we had so many other things to do. Later on I just plain old forgot about it.  That was one time I could have used a creeper with the little wheels on it.  It didn't take but about 1/2 hour using the blue tarp and sliding around under the motorhome.
After we were through it was up to Mark and Sherry's house.  It was eggs,bacon,sausage,hash browns,gravy,biscuitjelly and coffee for the dinner.  We like to do the breakfast thing for dinner every now and then.
Still had some of the ice cream and apple pie left over from the day before for dessert.
Another good visiting day.
I hope your day went as good and do come back again.   

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