Thursday, May 03, 2012

Simpsonville,South Carolina

Yesterday Nick and I went out to the air base to get some groceries. When we were abot to leave the base they decided to have an emergency exercise and shut down the base locking the gates. There we sat one hour in line waiting for them to finish and open the gates. When we did get back to the house it was back to Publix for more groceries. We had a real nice visit with Nick and Joan.
Today after filling up the motorhome at the Walmart station at $3.27 a gallon we were off toward Greenville,South Carolin via 2 lane roads.
We came to the small town of Maxeys,Georgia and got out to take some photos.
This is what remains of a large store.
Inside of the store. It must have been some store back in the day.
The old post office in the building which also houses the town hall and fire department.
Old train Depot.
This is now an antique shop.

A fine house in time passed. We enjoyed our adventure today.
I hope you have had a good day also.


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