Friday, March 09, 2012

Out Walking

Well we finally got out to walk yesterday.  After way too many days of being inside with doctor appointments and Nancy going to the dentist we went to the John Chesnut Park. It was probably a little to hot to do the walking because by the time we were through we were soaking wet with sweat. But we were determined that we were going to walk.
 Tarpon Lake looked like  it was slowly clearing up from the pollen that has been on the surface for a long time.
 We sa a few small alligators but no large ones.
 There were more than a few turtles. The edge of the lake was full of turtles.
 The birds were looking for small fish to catch.
 It looks like spring time here in Florida with all the wild flowers in bloom.
We really have had a good winter here in Florida,not having very many cold days to put up with.

Theres no swimming in the lake.  I don't think anyone would want to swim with the gators anyway.
We had to stop at the roadside market for fresh Florida produce. A few weeks ago we bought cabbage at Walmart for 69¢ a pound.  The roadside market had it for 19¢ a pound yesterday.
It got us tired and hot walking,but it sure did feel good to be out in the woods walking.
Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a great day and do drop in again. 

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