Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Orchid Lake

 It is still in the 80"s here in New Port Richey,Florida. I don't want to drive the car any that we don't have to until I get the fan and install it on the car. So Yesterday we just took a walk around in Orchid Lake Rv Resort where we are.
 We saw all the nice flowers in pots and in the ground where the people have planted them on their site lots. It sure feels like spring looking at all the flowers.
Even though the temp was in the 80's with the sky mostly cloudy and a kind of cool breeze blowing it made for a good walk. We had to stop every once in a while to talk to the various people that we know here on the park.
It was a nice walk,but not as well as walking in the woods.
Thanks for stopping by and do come this way again.

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