Monday, March 12, 2012

Always Something

Yesterday after church we went to Caposey's Restaurant to have dinner. We like this restaurant because it is small and has a family feel to it. Just about everyone that comes in the cashier which is also the owner of the place gives them a hug. The food is good and the service is great.
While we were waiting and looking at the menu I noticed this kid at the table behind Nancy must have had a new camera because he was having a ball taking everyone's picture. When he looked at me and took my picture I took out my camera and was just going to act like I was going to take his picture he gave me a smile that I had to get it.
Our car is a 2004 cavalier and it been a good little auto,but a few days ago the airconditioner quit working. It would cool as long as the car was moving,but when stopped it would blow warm to hot air. After checking everything I saw the the radiator fan was not running. This is a small electric fan. So checking all of the relays I think its the fan itself. Well its a small fan it shouldn't cost that much. I went to Autozone to see what the price was and "Ouch" $200.00 was the cost for that small item. The labor charge for install the fan at a service center is two hours that would bring the total cost for the replacement close to $400.00. Way to much for a cheap guy like me.  I looked up ""online and  their cost for the same name and number fan was $64.84 with the shipping charge. The fan will be here in a couple of days and I have me a small project on my hands.
Thanks for coming this way and stopping to visit me.
Have a great day.

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Marvin said...

Joe , I know that work is a four letter word , but with March Madness basketball around the corner , we must make a few well chosen decisions . Hopefully , there is someone around the park to give you a hand . Stay safe and enjoy the games !