Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Stuck Lizard

With Nancy still feeling a bit down still,we haven't been doing our walking. She is starting to feel mch better since she quit taking the new medicine so maybe we can get back to our walking.
The weekend was all ball games.  Speaking of Nancy,she has to go back to the dentist today. I know she won't be wanting to walk today.
 I was going to transfer some aloe plants from the large pot to some small ones.  When I looked and saw this lizard staring up at me and didn't try to run.
 After looking I saw he had got himself into a bad situation. He couldn't go in or out. Well I couldn't just leave him there to suffer such a death. So I got a pair of scissors and started to cut so he could be free. Well that dad gum little critter's mouth flew open and he blew up with a nasty look on his face.  I thought now thats a fine thank you for helping him.  Anyway I did get him lose and he ran off.
I hope your day is better than the lizard had.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

The way the lizard just blew up is a self defence mechanism, but once he was back in the safety of his burrow I'm sure he realized you only were helping him. At least you knew you had done your good deed for the day.

It's about time.