Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blood Work

Yesterday we were up early.  We had to go and get our blood drawn out so the doctor can see whats going on if anything. We do this once a year when we come back to Florida. Most of the time the bad thing about it is getting up early and then waiting so late to have breakfast.  This time I got a young lady that thought I was a pin cushion. After three attempts of sticking and moving the needle from one side to the other,she gave up on that arm. Which is black and blue and looks like I've been in a fight with a snake. She then went to the other arm with the same results. She finally says I'll have to get someone else to try. So,another young lady comes in looks at my arm,feels for the vien and says "a piece of cake".  She got it on the first try and had a couple of tumblers full in a short time.
I also bought a new Nikon CoolPix S4100 camera which looks like I will have to learn how to use. After charging the battery and taking a few shots that came out blurry.  Upon googling I see this is a problem with a few people,while others are getting good results.  So it must be the person taking the photo and not the camera.
Of course today is full of ballgames.      

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