Friday, December 02, 2011

Oh Me

Yeah thats what I thought. Waking up yesterday morning and finding that we had no hot water again. So the first thing was to get out in the cold morning air and looking at the breaker outside. Taking the volt meter sure enough no power to the water heater. Taking the front off the breaker box and closer checking I found that the wires and contacts where the breaker connects were all one big mess. Over maybe 40-50 years of use it was time for a new breaker box. The good news is Orchid Lake Park had to call the electrician and bear the cost of all this. The repairman came out and had to put new and larger gauge wiring plus the new box and main breaker. So I guess it all worked out to be a good thing.
I went to Kmart to get sun blocking curtains that were on sale. I bought these for the motorhome. These will be for the windshield. By turning them side ways and putting gromets in they will be good and the right size to fit.  It will take four single curtains, the same as the old ones. I finished one of them,hung it up and it looks much better. So three more to go and I will have new windshield curtains for about 1/4 the cost of having to order them. 

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