Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mall Walking

Yesterday after I got ready I went to do some Christmas shopping. I went by myself as Nancy was still making herself beautiful.
First sop was Harbor Freight where I bought a few things that was half price with coupons. Next was to walmart for some presents for that special person.
From there it was to Walgreens for a few items that were on sale and of course use coupons.  After getting back home picking up Nancy we went to the mall to do a little walking. Thenit was to Walmart for some groceries.  After our dinner I watch a couple of college games while Nancy was reading and on the computer. 
It was just a nice slow day.


Tom Williams said...

You are a lucky man. I'm not allowed to go the Harbor Freight without 'adult' supervision (read that as 'wife') It seems I have an addition to purchasing tarps!
You all have a Merry Christmas and a safe New Years.

Marvin said...

Joe & Nancy,

Thank You for a great blog .

Have a safe Holiday !