Monday, December 19, 2011

Good Weekend

We took a quick trip to Valdosta,Georgia to visit with Allison,Jeremy and the kids to take their Christmas presents and spend a little time with them.
The presents were set under--
the tree to be opened later.
We got to meet Moses the newest member of the family.  At 14 weeks old was a good and playful dog.
Allison and Jeremy were as amazed at the presents.
As Hannah and---
Sunday we all went to church.  All four of the grand & great grandchildren were in the program. They all did good with their singing.
 After church we went to the favorite local "Smok'n Pig bbq restaurant. Jeremy paid for everyones meal.
We had a great weekend but I have to say that Nancy and I were beat when we got home.  We are not used to driving that many miles in a short time.  It was worth it though.

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