Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Different Walking Places

Yesterday was a gray overcast day with a real cool wind blowing all day long. We did get a that lasted a short time. The weather forcast was for severe thunder storms that never happened.
While Nancy was geting ready for the day,I took the time to grill some steaks with bell peppers and onions. Nancy was wanting the $10.00 pasta special that Pizza Hut has on tuesdays. So the steaks went in the frig,which we will have today.  We went walking in three different places.  First it was around the park here then to the New Port Richey River Front Park,from there we did some mall walking. On the way home is when we picked up the pasta meal.  Actualy this makes us two meals,because its enough to feed four. The rest of the evening we spent in the usual way. 

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