Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Yesterday we had a very nice day. Took our time getting ready as usual. I went to Sweetbay and bought a paper to see all the sale ads all the stores were having today.  There were a few that looked good but I really don't feel like standing in line and shopping at midnight.
Around 3:00 we went to Barnhills for dinner. It was crowded but not to the point that we couldn't move around easy. There was plenty of turkey,ham and all the sides that you could want.  All the food was very good.  We came back home for a little tv and computer time,just relaxing the evening away.
Did you get out early enough today or last night to buy that perfect thing that you wanted?   We may just stay in today and avoid the crowds,who knows?    

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I went to Home Depot around 8 this morning to find a brace for a fold-down shelf that I'd installed next to the recliner in my fiver. There were herds of folks in orange aprons all standin' and talkin' to themselves.
Couldn't find what I was looking for. So, I drove over to the Woodsmith Store and found that they were closed. No Black Friday for them. I stopped at Target on the way home and picked up a peppermill that I wanted. Target was busy but not crowded.
So my entire Black Friday purchase came to about ten dollars. I hope that keeps the store open for another year.