Friday, October 21, 2011

Walmart Overnight

Yesterday we did get started at 12:15 so I wasn't very far off of my time.  I stopped in Dandridge to top of my fuel tank because the gas was $3.28 a gallon and I thought that I would not get it any cheaper. The weather was heavy clouds and a dark cold day. I saw a Wendys so I says boy a bowl of chili sure sounds good. I got a bowl of chile and Nancy took a crispy chicken sandwhich. The chili is to spicy for her.
Then as we were driving through Webber City the gas at the Food City station had gas at $3.21 a gallon so may as well top off the tank again for that price. Better yet,for some reason when I swipped my Food City card it gave me the price of $3.06 a gallon.  In the photo is the fog moving in on a mountain top as we came up. 

 By the time we got over the top it had cleared up.
This is the scene out the front window were we spend the night at the Norton,Virginia Walmart.  It was 33° when we woke up this morning. The sky is clear so I guess thats the reason it so cold.  We will take our time getting ready then move on down the road a bit.

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