Saturday, October 29, 2011

Plans do Change

Yes we don't make long range plans. We got to Eatonton,Georgia thursday evening so instead of going out to the Sinclair Lake Campground we settled in at the Walmart for the night.  Friday morning we woke up,taking our time to go to the park.

 We pulled off the entrance to the park went a short distance to the park and oh no,the gate was shut with a sign that said closed. Man what a bummer. I saw some workers inside the park and asked them what the deal was. They were working on the water lines and had to shut down the park. I asked how long it would be closed,they said about a week. That was really bad. So onward south we go.  I was just lucky I could turn around without unhooking the car. In turning around I had to go off the road into the famous Georgia red clay,which got the motorhome and car tires red. Once back on the road I parked where I was and spent the next 1/2 hour cleaning my tires.
We had already made plans to meet up with Jim and Judy Maddox,a nice couple of people we meet a few years back. So I called to explain the situation to Jim and he understood. I'm really sorry I missed meeting up with them.
Last night it was another Walmart and today on the road south again.   

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