Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lost Again

Yesterday was another one of those days. We left the Walmart in Asheville and traveled south going to Paris Mountain State Park,South Carolina. That was the direction,but I couldn't find the park. I was following the gps once again,when I saw a sign that says Paris Mountain State Park,turn left. The gps says to go straight. I told Nancy I was going to follow the sign instead of that lady in the little box. So we went down the road where another sign reads 4 miles to the park.  I kept going for a long time,longer than 4 miles. Well turn on the gps. What does it say-8 miles to park.  Then I decided I would just go into Simpsonville to the Scuffle Town RV Park.  Sally and Don,(Nancy's sister and brother) are close to this park and we stayed here around 8 years ago.  The park hasn't changed in all that time.  The best I can say about it that has full hook-ups.
Today we will meet with Sally,Linda and Don to visit.    

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