Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Hanging Around

 How is this for a cool looking morning.  The sun on the water warming it to make a mist.
Monday we did get out to the laundromat.  It was a different laundromat because the one we usually go to wasn't getting the clothes clean enough.  On the way back to the house we had dinner at Logan Roadhouse.  The meal was good and filling. Of course it was the special 2 for $14,99.  From there it was to Big Lots where Nancy got her some bath products that she can't find anywhere else. The ones she got she can't find in other store because they are discontinuing them,so when she can find the products she loads up. After we go back to the motorhome we walked a little bit.
Yesterday was one of those staying in days. Nancy has some kind of virus so she didn't feel like getting out.  It is good to just be plum lazy some days. 

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