Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day of Driving

Yesterday we left the Walmart lot and pointed the motorhome south. Driving at our slow pace along the mountain roads.
We soon saw Tennessee in front of us as we left the state of Virginia.
Tennesse is also mountain road driving. Where is the flat land,all we are doing is going up and down the hills.
There comes another state,North Carolina.
I stopped at the welcome center to pick up a map. The one I had was several years old.
Still big old mountain roads. Travel down I-26 we soon came to Asheville. The traffic was terrible. They are working on the roads and I hit it just when it was quiting time for all the workers in Asheville was on the road. The construction crew had three lanes of traffic choked down to a single lane.
There are two Walmarts in Asheville,I called the one that is suppose to have rv parking. The lady said Walmart didn't own the land and couldn't allow overnight parking. She told me the other one will. After missing a turn and listening to the lady in my gps,which I shouldn't have.  She took me on a small street up one of the steepest hills I've ever been on,back down the hill. Then at the end of the sreet was a narrow right hand turn with curbs on both sides just wide enough for a car. All the time the lady is saying left turn and I'm looking at the sign that says no left turn. That lady in the gps box needs to get out more and look at the roads she sends people down. So after some turning and twisting we made it to Walmart.  There were six or seven more motorhomes parked for the night. I don't want to drive through down town Asheville anymore.   

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