Saturday, January 08, 2011

Yesterday I was back at the doctor.  They did an xray and EKG,everything was ok on those,but still congested.  The doc fax a prescription to Walmart for antibiotics.  So when it came evening time we went to Walmart for a few things and to pic up my medicine.  No medicine,it seems as though Walmart didn't get the fax,I said I have a copy of the fax he did send it.  I'll go home get the copy to show you.  Came back showed the copy. No good they have to have original,I don't have the original he fax it to you people,we don't have it. It started to sound like the Abbot and Costella bit that was on tv years ago about the baseball players. Anyway I had to call the doctor's office and get them to call in the prescription.  The rest of the evening was as usuall. 

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