Monday, January 24, 2011


Yesterday was spent like most sports fans I imagine,watching the football play off games.  This is about the only time I watch the pro football games.  The sun did shine but the weather was still cool all day long and not much different today.  As you know we eat on the cheap side whenever we can and yesterday was one of those days.  Here in the Tampa aera the McDonalds have their hamburgers on Sunday for 49¢ and cheese burgers for 69¢.  I buy the hamburgers take them home and fix them up with a slice of cheese,tomato and onion.  This makes for a pretty good cheese burger. Told you I was cheap.  Not really as I tell Nancy it has something to do being brought up by my mother when my dad got killed in a coal mining accident. I was 12 and my brother 10 at that time and we had to really watch the little money that mom was getting plus the few cents my brother and I could earn from what ever we could do. Any way I think this up bringing help us in later life.  We will have to get out and do some shopping today which I'm sure will include a trip to Walmart. 

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