Thursday, January 27, 2011

Got Groceries

Yes we did,finally got out to Walmart and bought groceries.  The good part was Nancy had $12.00 in coupons.  The bad part was it still cost quite a bit.  Have you noticed that the boxes and containers for things are smaller yet the same price. For instance town house crackers which we like.  The box is no longer 16oz,it is now 13.5oz.  So I told Nancy looks like we will be switching to ritz crackers instead.  Besides isn't everything better on a ritz?
After getting home and unloading it was time to go to "Little Caesars" for our weekly pizza fix. After all it is wednesday and that means it was only $4.44 for a large with pepperoni.
The weather is still on the cool side but getting warmer each day and by the weekend will be in the 70's.

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