Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Still Walking

Why am I putting so much about walking on my blog. That is what we do most of the time. It is fun and also it is good for you. Other people here in the park like to walk,they walk around here in the park. We do some walking in the park also but we like our walking out in the woods most of the time. It is more relaxing out under the trees and by the water. We may even see a bird that we have not seen before.
Even see lizards getting some sun on the handrails of the boardwalks.
Occasionaly we see an armadillo like this one in the J B Starkey Park.

Then there is James Grey Preserve that has the river with its many spectacular views. I told Nancy yesterday I could just see Johnny Weissmuller playing "Tarzan diving out of a tree into the river and fighting with a large gator.

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