Sunday, September 28, 2008


Another late start today. It was even more late than our usual because everyone was using the dump station.

After a couple of hours we stopped in the small town of Lexington(wonder how many towns in the USA with the name Lexington)to eat a late lunch. After lunch we walked from one end of town to the other(one whole block and a half).
It did have a nicke court house.

The sign says open,it sure is the whole side and top. Actualy the sign was for a building next door.

After driving the gret amount of 124 mile we came to Eatonton where the famous Uncle Remus Museum is located. This is the first time that we have stopped at this place in 42 years and that was with our 3 children.

They really enjoyed it at the time because they had heard the story of Brer Rabbit.
We are parked at the WalMart for the night.


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