Thursday, May 03, 2007

Yesterday's weather was much like we have been having. Hot and still no rain. Although the weather report is for a slight chance of rain for the next few days

After our morning walk we again went down to the pool to cool off. The water sure did feel good after being out in the hot sun for a while. The pool looks empty here in this pic,but later on there were 8 or so people that came in to enjoy the pool.
After the time in the pool we got ready and went up to Hudson to have dinner at Sams on the Gulf. We came up to have dinner and watch the sunset while we were having dinner but we finished before the sun really started to set very much. It looked like a few other people had the same idea. So after we ate we left and stayed around the beach side.

The sun started looking nice as it was setting casting its brightness upon the gulf water.

As still setting farther into the horizon a same boat with 4 people passed by on their way for an evening of fishing. It wasn't the best of sunsets that we have seen because of the haze the sun dissapeared before setting into the water. Still a great day and evening. Another day in which the Lord has been good to us. Thank You.

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