Friday, April 13, 2007

Yesterday we walked around the park then at the mall we walked some more. Not really an exciting day. I did stop at the rv place and got a light fixture to replace the one that went bad.There seems to be something that needs replacing ever so often.The weather is cool this morning but,slowly warming up. I don't know about the week end though. The storm is moving our way and should be here saturday night or early sunday.I don't think the weather people know how bad its going to be by the time it gets here.I did get a small project finished yesterday. I did a rewebbing on a lounge chair. I got 2 chairs down at the mall-junk area. The frames were in good shape so the one that has the new webbing looks good. I don't know what we will get into today. It will be as usual to just let it happen without any plans.

The one on the right is the one with the new webbing. When I said that I got the lounges down at the mall,that is the place we have here in the park where everyone takes the things they don't want anymore. If you can use it you take it. Someone is always placing things here that someone else can use.

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