Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Washing over for now

yes we got the laundry finished yesterday. Then I drove out to see where the Freedom RV was located. I've got to take my motorhome there when they set up an appointment to do the" fix" on the Dometic refrigerator.

The gas prices here in florida are going up just like everywhere else. Is summertime so we can expect that to happen. All the excuses for raising the price of oil. Looks like they wouldn't give excuses. Why don't they say we are going to do it because we want more money. You know companies use to be happy with millions of dollar profits. Not anymore,it has to be billions. Oh well,nothing we can do about it.
Here are two baby alligators that are in the lake. They look large in this close-up but,they are only 18 inches long. We saw them when we was doing our evening walk.

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