Thursday, April 19, 2007

Good Walking Day

Another nice day is coming up for today. The temp is going to get 82* and sunny. Just hope it doesn't get to muggy. Yesterday we had a good walk and caught up on our daily average. We had 7.8 miles for the day. Thats the way we try to keep up. If we are slow a day or two we just increase it the next day.

Here is part of one trail we walk. It is all on a boardwalk because it is so close to the water. As we walk for some reason Nancy is the lead walker. I guess because I'm such a gentlemen that I let ladies go first. Anyway off from the main walks they have section you turn out where they have picnic tables. As she turned into one of these places all of a sudden she stops and I almost run over her. Nancy yells out a "snake". This is the first snake we've seen on this trail.
This is another trail. This one has the boardwalks plus some of it is on land and another part of it has a bridge over water.

On this trail we saw this redheaded woodpecker. We have seen smaller ones but this one looked to be about 12 to 15 inches long. We also saw the squirrels that come up to you and beg for a hand out. I had some peanuts to feed them. We got so ticked at one squirrel because it kept jumping from rail to rail just a couple of inches in front of Nancy. She thought it was going to jump on her.

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