Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blogger Trouble

I had trouble getting onto my blog. I had to log into the new blogger because I was still using the old one. After changing my password and trying for a few times it finally took me to the right place.

Well anyway,it looks like its going to be a nice day with the sun coming out early this morning.
Nancy and I have to go to the doctor today for our final checkup before we leave the area for the summer. I will get a report on the blood work that I had done a week ago. The doc will let me know if the zetia he changed for the cholestrol is working ok. All I know that I'm not feeling as tired as I was with the crestor.
We will still be hanging around here for 3 more weeks the reason is that we have already paid up to the 7th and it wouldn't be smart to leave when we are paid up to that time.
I sure can't wait to get on the road though and set my feet on different soil.
I'll be taking a few different roads as we go so sometimes thats good and sometimes not. At least its an adventure waiting to happen. The trail will be laid out for a few miles so I get headed in the right direction but can change at any crossroads we come to. This is the fun of being a fulltimer. It really dosen't matter where we end up because we are always at home.
I remember one time taking a road in north Georgia that was on the mountain tops that was so curvy it had nancy nerous as heck. Later did I learn that this section of road was known as "The Dragons Tail". It is used for cycle runs.
Maybe we'll get a little more walking in today.

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