Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Beautiful Day

With the day looking so nice we once again did our walking at the John Chestnut Park.
We drove into the Park and down to where we always park the car. Of course the turtles were out on the log catching some sun. The pollen is still laying thick on top of the water and also on the turtles.

I took some peanuts to feed the squirrels that always come and beg for a handout. I think that if I didn't give them anything they would look in my pockets. Those little varmits are fearless.

Even this little woodpecker came down close to feed on the peanuts on the railing. This is so nice to walk thru the woods on the trails and see all of the wildlife. It is much cooler walking under the shade off the palm and oak trees.

At the end of this trail a crane was moving ever so slowly trying to slip upon an unexpecting fish.
There are plenty of small fish for it to feed on.
Another nice day in the park walking the trails.

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