Saturday, April 21, 2007


We had a good visit with our friends Vern and Gerry yesterday. They seem to be doing better then the last time we visited them,but are still weak. Vern has to be on oxygen all the time so he doesn't get out very much.
As we were coing back home we stopped in at this place to try out the fried green tomatoes. We were disappointed because they didn't taste very good. I think the tomatoes were a little to green and that made them hard. Aslo they fried them on the grill. To have good fried green tomatoes they have to be a little more ripe but still green and deep fried I think to really taste good. We also stopped in Brooksville and ate at Ci Ci's Pizza. Oh,did we pig out,with the pizza,alfredo sauce and noodles,cheese stix and oh my goodness cinnamon rolls with icing.
Another nice day is about to happen with the temps in the middle 80's.

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