Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What Today!

What are we going to do today is the question. For one thing I'm going to see if the barbershop is open? If it is I will get a haircut. The barbershops used to be closed on Wednesdays I don't know if they are now. I was wondering why they were closed on Wednesdays and asked a barber. He said everyone else gets 2 days a week so they decided they needed 2 days also. I asked why Wenesdays? He said,they wouldn't take off on Saturday because everyone else is off Saturday and that it is their busy day. So they thought in the middle of the week would be a better day.
The haircut is the only thing on the list to do today. Of course we don't schedule our walking that is a natural thing for us every day. From there we just wing it until one of us comes up and says I think we------------then we will go for it. Oh what a hard life we live. Maybe all those years I worked were worth it.

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