Friday, March 09, 2007

Well it sure is a place with nothing happening the last few days. Unless you call going to WalMart exciting. I did get to check out more quickly than usuall,that is one to remember.
Saw one nice diesel motorhome parking there for the night and another one just up the street at the place a new restaurant going in. I've overnighted in a lot of places but,not at any construction sites. I will have to try that out one of these days. When we start our travels this summer we will have to look for some of the free places to stay the night.
We have proven that we can survive for a week without hook-ups so why not take advantage it. We have water and sewage tanks onboard with the generator for electric we really have no need of full hook-ups. With the price of fuel going up we will have to look for other ways to cut costs. The family is nice that they offer us a place to stay in their drive ways and we always enjoy the time visiting with them.

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