Saturday, March 10, 2007

Well at least today has started out different. I got up early and washed the car. After that I came in and did the vaccumning for Nancy,then I pt out some ant and bug killer around the outside of the motorhome,flushed the black tank out good. It is still early in the day so who knows whats next? Of course theres still basketball games to watch.Our neighbors Marty and his friend Vance with their wifes took off to do some kayaking.Looks like a nice day with the temp 78 degrees at 11:09am but,we may get a little shower afternoon.

I have been eating fresh home grown tomatoes off of my 2 tomatoes plants that I put out in buckets. They've been getting ripe for about a week. I don't know what happened but, it looks like after I pick off the ones that are on the plants there will be no more. For some reason no more blooms are coming on the plants.

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